Friday, March 7, 2008

Paralegals, and other non-lawyers do matter.

Hey everyone,

My website does focus on the contract attorney, but today I am taking a slight departure for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, we are not the only ones that work on many of these projects. In fact, a lot of Paralegals are hired as contractors on many of these projects. There is also the technical staff as well as at times legal secretaries and other administrative staff. Many of them have to work under the same conditions that we do, and might get comparatively the same treatment from associates on these projects.

Second, there are many law school graduates that either delay in taking the bar or do not pass it the first time around. Technically, these graduates are not yet attorneys, and though some reviews do not require a license to practice, many will not hire unless you are licensed in some state. These graduates often need to find work somewhere.

Third, I have had a few requests such as this one:

"Can anybody please provide information regarding
which document review projects in the Philly area
use any paralegals on their projects and which
agencies handle staffing on those projects?"
--William X

So, I thought we could try to use this post to help paralegals, non-licensed grads, and other administrative staffers. Are there jobs out there for people in these types of positions? Where should they look?

Keep reading below for a posting relating to libel issues.

--The Black Sheep


Anonymous said...

Very nice that nobody wants to share any information... Real considerate...

Anonymous said...

1:34-- that's the problem. Out of greed and fear, no one wants to work together and share information. I have been so disappointed that this blog hasn't become more popular. Out of fear of getting blacklisted and complacency, people are not posting.

I hate to admit it but I have found myself feeling loathing and disdain for my fellow temps recently. There is just something so pathetic about people going through that much education to do this work and be HAPPY about it (I won't name names, but the QCers on the project formerly known as Vioxx are particularly bad-- they are the collaborators of the document review world).

Document review used to be something you did temporarily while you were looking for real work. Now, it has become a career choice for far too many of us. I know the money is good, but, Jesus Christ, show some pride. I know many of you went to crappy schools like Thomas Cooley or Widener, but you have to be able to find something better than this monkey work.

There was a great quote on Tom the Temp the other day-- "You will be treated no better than you demand to be treated--period." We contract attorneys are so weak that we deserve to be treated as badly as we are.

The reason we are mistreated is because we allow them to mistreat us. That's why I hated it at Dechert and why I hate it at McCarter. Some of my coworkers are working themselves to death out of greed, but they don't demand anything from the firms or the agencies. The problem isn’t Julie or Simon—we are the problem. If we allow them to bribe us with free pizza or $1,000 bonuses while not demanding anything real, we deserve what we get.

We also are afraid to post anything because it supposedly violates some ridiculous nondisclosure agreement (hey, Julie, stick the agreement where the sun don't shine!). Also, out of greed, no one wants to share information.

It's all really pathetic, and until we stand up against the Hudsons and the Schiffrins and the Decherts, nothing will change for the better. And for the Dereks and Steves out there who seem to want to make this a career choice, you have to ask yourself if you really want to be treated like dirt for the next 40 years. I don’t care how good the money is.

The Black Sheep said...

Juristaff has an immediate need for a temporary paralegal or JD to
assist with a document review/indexing project that will take place in
Reading, PA. The details:

-- ideal candidate will have at least 2 years of legal experience with
an emphasis on document review and indexing of documents

-- candidate must be proficient in Excel as they will be responsible
for entering data into a spreadsheet

-- weekly hours estimated to be 35-45

-- assignment will last for 2-4 weeks and requires travel to Reading
as well as Philadelphia

-- hotel accommodations may be provided

Candidates with immediate availability should submit their resume,
along with hourly rate requirement, to Stella Weiss at

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