Thursday, March 6, 2008

Libel, Free Expression, Performance Evaluation??

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, but I have been debating how to best deal with the e-mail described in this post. I have decided that this post will probably be enough of a response to the person that sent the e-mail.

I was recently contacted by an attorney that works for a major firm. This attorney (staff or associate) was clearly one who was upset by a characterization of him/her on this website. S/He felt that the use of full names accompanied by a negative review constitutes “libel.” S/He felt that I should remove the names of any Associate or Staff Attorney in the comments section of the blog because s/he felt that “dragging their names through the mud” in a public forum is wrong and could harm their reputations. This attorney goes on to threaten that further action will be taken if such “libelous” behavior continues. While asking me to do this, this attorney also stated that s/he respects the rights of everyone to express their own opinions. I would like to post the entire e-mail, however, the attorney did not give me permission to do that. If the person writes in again to give me that permission, I would be more than happy to do this so that his/her full message can be clearly heard on this blog.

I realize that libel issues have been discussed extensively on other blogs, though this will be the first time here. So please, indulge me.

My sense is that all of the comments that have been made have been opinions that are based the commenter’s experiences, and therefore not libel under most legal uses of that term. Unless I am mistaken the First Amendment protects our rights to freely express ourselves and our opinions. Opinions in and of themselves are not false or incorrect; therefore I believe that no libel has been committed. Please provide your own analyses as you see fit.

Incidentally this brings up another issue for contractors. Even if you love contracting, there is no system to complain about the job that your supervisors are doing. Your Staff Attorneys and Associates are evaluated for further work based on their production, and their relationship with the associates and partners with whom they work, not on their relationship with some of the people that they work with most extensively, the contract attorneys. What this has led to at some firms (and it can clearly be seen in NYC) is that the Associates and Staff Attorneys treat the contractors like 5 year olds or like they are nothing.

Many law firms have review procedures for their associates and partners, it is what helps them to determine who should move up the partnership ladder, and who they will have to let go. Any mid or upper level associate or partner can tell you that they are evaluated from both above and below, and usually by anonymous evaluations. Some firms even go so far as to solicit the opinions of paralegals, secretaries, and other administrative staff as to how an attorney is doing. Contractors, however, do not get a say in the evaluation of Staff Attorneys and Associates, and these are the people that Staff Attorneys and some younger associates spend the most time with.

So, to the Staff Attorney/Associate that wrote me this e-mail, consider comments that you do not like as informal performance evaluations from your subordinates. Yes, you will always get a few people who are disgruntled, but with some of the rules that I have put in place, I am hoping for some fairer assessments.

There are a couple of more posts that I am planning to do in the next couple of days. I will be reaching into the mailbag for some topics, and I hope to get a post up about what the Supreme Court has been doing lately (Drug and Medical Device cases) which might reduce the need for contractor work. I also hope to get another union post up soon.

Until then fellow contractors and sheep,
The Black Sheep


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Anonymous said...

"Some firms even go so far as to solicit the opinions of paralegals, secretaries, and other administrative staff as to how an attorney is doing."

Your demeaning opinion regarding paralegals, secretaries and other administrative staff is pretty evident from your post. Most people who fill such roles have more practical skills in their little fingers than you will ever have from your stellar document review career. A little humility is in order on your part.

Anonymous said...

That email is absolutely ridiculous. Is it libel to criticize a product in "consumer reports"? The best way to avoid criticism is by addressing the merits of criticism. The corret response to the way firms treat contract attorneys (a little like hookers) is to change firm behavior.

Tyler Durden said...

First, to 2:51: I think you may have misunderstood. The law firm, not Black Sheep, that seeks evaluations from staff that work “under” a mid-level associate may feel that it is going way down on the org chart when it solicits those opinions, even though some staff members may have more years of experience than that associate. Think about it.

Second, everyone needs to be careful on the difference between opinion and hyperbole, which are protected, and the statement of a perceived fact that could be libelous. For example, if I wrote that Judy Nightly is a big, fat pig, the statement would clearly be protected as hyperbole. However, the statement that she is a greedy, lying thief who would stab her mother in the back for a nickel might imply that she has committed some crime and is possibly actionable. On another blog, someone wrote his opinion that one recruiter drank too much, but was otherwise a nice guy. This crosses the line.

Unfortunately, even stating the consensus opinion that a staff attorney is lazy or incompetent or even creepy may be enough to straddle this line without actual facts to back it up. However, we do need to be able to express the opinion that some staff attorneys on these projects are less mature or less experienced or less capable than some of the reviewers to whom they show absolutely no respect. Because some do answer all questions with “have you asked Helen yet?” and some do spend all their time on the internet or loudly talking on the phone about tile for the new home. Some of these staff attorneys have to appreciate the luck or timing that kept them from ending up as a reviewer. Whether or not these people are shitty in their outside lives, these people are shitty in the office and need to be called out for it.

To those staff attorneys or recruiters who get upset by being named in these blogs: Take a look at yourself. If no one likes you or trusts you, it is because you stand out for something you have done. If reviewers had someone to reasonably complain (without retribution) about your incompetence, ignorance, or disdain; they would not be posting anonymously about you in a blog.

The Black Sheep said...

To: 2:51 AM

I believe that tyler durden correctly understood the statement. I have known many paralegals and other administrative staff at large and small law firms, and I have the utmost respect for them. I have also seen some people serving in this capacity mistreated, and I have heard horror stories about talking to a senior partner about how an associate was treating them only to have that partner turn a deaf ear, or worse fire them. Many firms do not listen to administrative staff opinions any more then they listen to contract attorney opinions, and I think that this is wrong.

Anonymous said...

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baa baa bob said...

of course opinion is not actionable as libel. and all that's been said is opinion. that e-mail you got is typical bullying bullshit written by precisely the sort of asshole who deserves to hear all the negative comments people have for him. and one can only hope that his career suffers for it, the shithead.

btw, 9:07 - take a deep breath. try to organize your thoughts a little better.

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew who was complaining. I don't think Kevin deserved some of the comments he received about his personal life. Simon, OTOH ...